At Ekylibr, we offer managers, businesses, business creators and associations expert consulting services responding to specific or global issues.

Our engagement models are flexible:

  • Advice on a specific niche

  • One-off or interim operational intervention

  • Benefit from our team of freelance experts

Let's define a winning strategy to promote the success of your business.

Michael Dusong

Michael Dusong

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An obstacle can seem insurmountable and dull, or majestic. By bringing you an external perspective, I will help you see your problems from a new perspective.

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Sailing has taught me that it is better to follow the currents rather than fight them. Together, let's identify the favorable currents that will carry you towards your goals.

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Achieving the perfect balance is part of the bigger picture. Together, let's elevate our perspective to discover the best strategy for your business.


Ekylibr's skills


Founded by Michael, a free and creative spirit, entrepreneur, and strategic consultant, Ekylibr and its team of experts bring a wealth of field knowledge and extensive experience in strategy, finance, digital marketing, and digital development.

Marketing with Ekylibr


  • Business development / Buisness growth
  • E-commerce
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Set up social network communication
  • Crowdfunding / crowdinvest strategy
Digital with Ekylibr


  • Web development
  • Specification and assessment of needs and technologies
  • Project management and monitoring
  • AI Integration
Operations with Ekylibr


  • Audit and recommendation
  • Management
  • Implementation of management and monitoring tools
  • Internal organization
  • Logistics optimization
Startups with Ekylibr


  • External view of the business
  • Validation of the business plan (finance)
  • Optimization or development path
  • Roadmap and KPIs
  • Market research and feasibility study
Fiance with Ekylibr


  • Validation of the business model
  • Balance sheet and margin analysis
  • Definition and implementation of KPIs
  • Business plan
  • Fundraising and crowdfunding
  • financial investment strategy
  • Real estate investment advice

Michael's involvement in various ethical startups for over 20 years highlights his commitment to responsible, sustainable business practices, moving from individual expertise to collective intelligence.

Book a 30-minute appointment now and discuss your project with Michael. It's free!